Spaghetti with Black Garlic, Olive oil and hot pepper


200 gr spaghetti

2 chopped Black Garlic cloves

1/3 garlic

50 ml white wine

40 ml olive oil

1 hot pepper (fresh or dried)

10 gr butter (cut into 3-4 pieces)

40 gr grated parmesan


In 2 liters water with 20 gr salt, boil the pasta al dente. 2 minutes before ready, turn the heat off without removing the pot.

In a pan, warm well the olive oil with the garlic. Cook until browned. Remove the garlic and put the hot pepper in. Fry for 10’’

Drain the pasta and keep on mind to save some of the boiling water (2 tbsp. is enough) in order to use it later.

In a heavy pan, put the spaghetti, the 2 tbsp. water and the Black Garlic. Stir well, until you get an even temperature. Turn the heat off.

Add the butter and the parmesan. Blend until you get a creamy sauce. Serve with freshly black pepper grated on top and basil leaves.

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