“Kouskousaki” pasta with sea ​​urchin, black garlic and mussels


150 gr fresh sea-urchin (meat and juices separately)

80 gr acini di pepe pasta

1 bunch fresh parsley (stalks and leaves)

1 large clove black garlic (5 gr)

1 medium clove garlic crushed

1 medium onion, chopped

130 ml white wine

1kg fresh mussels

50 gr tomato, peeled and deseeded

25 gr chopped spring onions

1 cup olive oil

30 gr butter

Salt – pepper

Wakame seaweed for garnishing

Put a pan on high heat and add the mussels, the wine, the garlic clove, the onion, and the parsley stalks. Let it simmer for 5 minutes, until all the mussels are open. Remove the mussels from the shells and strain the juices. In a sauce pan sauté the pasta with a little olive oil until shiny and add the mussel juice and the sea urchin juice. Let it boil about 10 minutes in moderate heat. When it is ready add half of the sea urchin meat and the butter, stirring to thicken and shine. Add the spring onions and the tomato and add salt and pepper to taste.In the food processor make a thick cream with the black garlic clove, the parsley leaves and the olive oil.Taste and add salt and pepper according your preference Serve the pasta, top it with the rest of the sea urchin meat and drizzle with the black garlic cream and garnish with wakame seaweeds.

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