Super Healthy Sexy Pasta

A totally refreshing and light recipe for pasta that is going to change forever your view for Black Garlic


220 gr whole grain spaghetti
60 gr chopped walnuts
30 gr Black Garlic Honey
5 spearmint leaves
1 small chili pepper
5 gr butter
15 gr olive oil


We put in a round container the walnuts, chili and the spearmint. We boil the pasta al dente in salty water, drain and add in the container.
We add the butter, olive oil and half the quantity of Black Garlic Honey.
In goes some salt and start stirring.
We serve with the rest of the honey and parsley.

Watch the recipe here:

This could be a super fast meal to boost your system with energy in order to have a full and productive day and the notes of spearmint will give you a hint of summer!